The Demo will present three major aspects of a WatSan CRC survey:

1.Designing a questionnaire
A master questionnaire has been provided in this learning product, which can be referred to, while preparing your own WatSan CRC questionnaire. The user mode in the Product will help you in editing questions and categories as per your need.

2.Carrying out Data Entry
Once you have commenced the CRC survey, you can also start the data entry on line. In case of large sample sizes, more than one data entry operator can work to put together the database in this learning product.

3.Conducting Data Analysis
After completing data entry you can analyse data by carrying out basic analysis for which provision has been given in the learning product.

Pointers towards interpretation of data and report writing have been given in the main WebPages of the learning product, while more details can be gleaned from the CRC website as given in the homepage.

Good Luck!